What is a Front-End Alignment?

Cars travel in a straight line unless other forces, such as a turn of the steering wheel, cause the car to diverge. When the car emerges from the factory, the suspension is aligned to keep the wheels straight and maximize their contact with the road. A change in the suspension alignment for any reason results in the wheels getting out of line and therefore, causing an inefficient contact point between the tires and the road.

A misalignment causes uneven wear on tires causing them to wear out before their time. A process of adjusting the suspension to weigh evenly on the wheels is called a front-end alignment. This process does not align the wheels or the tires; it adjusts the pressures coming from the suspension so that the tires track evenly on the road.

If your tires show uneven wear, bring your vehicle to our service staff at Auto Express Alfa Romeo of Erie for a front-end alignment.



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