Differential Fluid Experiences Extreme Pressures

It is common knowledge that all of the mechanical parts of your vehicle need regular maintenance and fluid checks. This is because they are generally metal parts that grind and rub against each other, by design. The differential is one of these systems, and it contains differential fluid that needs to be flushed and replaced on a semi-regular basis. Here at Auto Express Alfa Romeo of Erie, we can check your differential fluid to see if it is time and drain and replace the fluid if needed.

Every time you turn your vehicle, your tires will want to rotate at a different speed, without a differential though this wouldn’t happen and the tires would skip across the pavement. When the differential is activated, it engages a series of gears that serve to reduce the RPM’s to that particular tire, allowing it to turn much easier. This creates enormous amounts of friction and heat, however, and over time this causes the fluid to lose its viscosity and become less effective.

Your owner’s manual is the best source of information for how often your differential fluid needs changing, but if you are unsure or it is simply time, bring your car on into our top-notch service center here at 9030 Peach Street in Waterford, PA, and we will get it done quickly and effectively.

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