Don’t Forget about Your Transfer Case

Turning your engine power into forward motion involves a complex process and a lot of gears. And if you have a true 4-wheel drive vehicle, that will involve the use of a transfer case. Transfer cases are only found on 4-wheel drive vehicles like trucks or larger SUV's. They are not present on 2-wheel drive or all-wheel drive models.

Normally power is only sent to the rear axles when the vehicle is being operated in 2WD. The transfer case is engaged when the driver switches into 4WD. It will then receive power from the transmission and send it to both the front and the rear differentials via the drive lines. This is what delivers power to all four wheels allowing forward or reverse motion.

If you have any questions about your transfer case or your transmission and powertrain in general, then contact one of the experts here in our service center at Auto Express Alfa Romeo of Erie.

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