Late Night Car Breakdown? You'll Appreciate a Roadside Emergency Kit

It's late at night, you're miles away from any town, and you're car breaks down. What do you do? If you have a roadside emergency kit, you'll have a lot more options. Roadside emergency services are becoming more common in newer cars, but if someone gets hurt, or if your vehicle only needs to have a fluid topped off, you might not feel that it's necessary to have someone come out to your car.

Items such as first aid kits will come in handy for small injuries. Antiseptic wipes, bandages, antihistamine, and pain relievers are all items that are nice to have handy. You'll also appreciate a blanket on a cold night when your car won't start. And a bottle of windshield fluid and some antifreeze can help you get your car to the mechanic.

If you have concerns about your vehicle, come to Auto Express Alfa Romeo of Erie and one of our automotive mechanics can top off your fluids, fix your tire, or perform any other services that you need.



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