When a vehicle fails to start, owners often blame the battery. However, the problem might instead be the starter. When experiencing any type of vehicle malfunction, our Auto Express Alfa Romeo of Erie garage technicians are always on hand to help. Consult with one of our technicians for prompt diagnosis and service.

Grinding noises are common and indicate that the starter gear is worn or not making proper contact. If not corrected, the flywheel might also endure damage. Freewheeling happens when you attempt to start the engine and hear a whining noise. The problem suggests that the starter is not triggering the flywheel. In this instance, the starter may need replacing.

When nothing happens when turning the key, the solenoid is often the problem. Seeing smoke when turning the key may mean the start has too much power due to a short, a connection malfunction or from turning the key too many times. Consult a technician immediately. Oil around the starter under the hood indicates a leak that needs replacing.



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