When temperatures cool, we regularly receive questions about winter tires at Auto Express Alfa Romeo of Erie. Notably, we're asked if all-season tires are the same as winter tires. In fact, they are not. To help you decide whether you should visit our friendly Waterford location for a set of winter treads, let's discuss these tire types' differences.

All-season tires are built for longevity, and they easily overcome most road conditions. These tires will dependably steer on a day that features light snow. Yet, even if you own a vehicle with all-wheel drive and multiple driver-assist features, all-season tires cannot provide sufficient traction during a winter storm or on an icy day.

In those scenarios, you simply need winter tires. Winter tires feature directional tread patterns and deep grooves that disperse snow and slush. Additionally, winter tires that are rated for icy conditions employ rubber compounds that produce improved grip on cold, slick days. Clearly, these tires will help you go and stop confidently.


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