Before you're unable to get out of the snow while you're in your car or the cold temperatures leave your car unable to start, consider making a survival kit for some of the basic needs and repairs. Mats that have tread on the bottom of them can be placed underneath your tires so that it's a bit easier to move your car in the snow. Auto Express Alfa Romeo of Erie can assist with finding mats that are the proper size to use for your vehicle.

If you know that you're going to be traveling on snowy roads, then keep a set of tire chains in your car. These can grip the road a bit better than winter tires and can usually break patches of ice to prevent sliding in Waterford.

Water and straw filters are items to have in your kit so that you stay hydrated. You can use the straw to drink water from melted snow if you're in an accident or stuck in an area that's inaccessible for an extended period of time.


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