If you notice your car is leaking fluid, act fast. Here at Auto Express Alfa Romeo of Erie, we want you to know that a leak left unchecked can turn into a more serious problem very quickly. Your vehicle needs fluids for various reasons. Some fluids lubricate the moving mechanism, and others keep your engine cool. If these fluids are leaking out, it could put a strain on your engine and cause severe damage. This could lead to costly repairs.

Gaskets are the thin pieces of metal or rubber that are placed between car parts to keep fluids where they belong. They last for a long time but eventually need to be replaced. If your gasket is broken, torn, or is just weathered and falling apart, it could be allowing liquids to leak out. Don’t ignore the leak until it’s too late. Bring your car to our service department in Waterford and let us repair your faulty gaskets.



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