5 Reasons Why Your Engine May Overheat

One of the most significant problems you can face as a car owner is an overheating engine. There are five more common reasons why your engine may overheat. In addition, there is a clear path you can take to prevent overheating.

The most common reason why a car engine may overheat is a lack of coolant. If coolant falls before a critical level, you engine will overheat. Another common reason why your engine may overheat is a defective thermostat, an issue that prevents the flow of coolant. A broken water pump is a frequent cause of engine overheating as is a damaged or malfunctioning radiator. Finally, a broken or ill-fitting belt can cause overheating.

You can proactively protect against engine overheating with proper service. Visit us at Auto Express Alfa Romeo of Erie, conveniently located in Waterford, to obtain the service you need for your automobile.


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