You're iPhone isn't merely at your fingertips. When driving in a new car fitted with Apple CarPlay, all you need to do is command Siri to engage it. Siri will respond immediately, and you'll be able to listen to a radio stream of the news or ask directions to a new restaurant in Erie. Apple CarPlay ensures you aren't separated from your device.

The apps you typically use on the iPhone can now work while you drive. If you want weather reports or wish to listen to an audiobook, tell Siri. Manual operation through a touchscreen or with dash knobs is possible, but voice control appears safer.

Get the most use out of CarPlay. Purchase a subscription to Apple Music or use Apple Calendar. Of course, you can make calls and send texts, too.

Many outstanding models come with Apple CarPlay, and our dealership has several in stock. We encourage you to visit and go on a test drive.


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