Why Cameras for Your Vehicle Are Useful

If you are wondering whether you should use a camera for your vehicle, there are plenty of reasons that you should go ahead and invest in the camera. There are a lot of advantages that a camera for your vehicle has. There are a lot of good uses for the dash camera for instance. 

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The Importance of Back-to-School Service on Your Car

As a new school year begins, you will want to make certain that your car is in prime operating condition. In order to accomplish this objective, you will want to obtain seasonal service on your vehicle in anticipation of the new school year.

Taking the time to get service on your car as the school year starts ensures that your vehicle will be in peak operating condition. 

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What is an Infotainment System?

Most people have an infotainment system in their car if it was purchased after 2015. Even in older vehicles from 2009 have an in-car entertainment system. The difference is in the screen quality. Newer vehicles also have more connections to your smartphone through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These features make it a great option if you want to stream music and video, as well as take calls from the road.

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Service, Upgrade or Replace Your Car for the Back-to-School Season

Whether you're a parent getting ready for a year of school drop-offs or you're a student heading off to college, keeping your car in good condition is crucial. We want you to know how you can take care of your car and stay safe, so here are some important back-to-school tips.

The most important thing to do is keep up with regular maintenance. Check your vehicle's manual to see when you should get it serviced and stick to that schedule. Small tasks like oil changes and tire rotations can make a huge difference.  

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Summer Roadtrip Games to Keep the Kids Entertained

The longer that summer road trip, the faster the kids are going to get bored. Here are a few games that are fun and will certainly help to pass the time.

The game I Spy is perfect for long rides this summer, and is something everyone will enjoy. The caller says they spy something with their little eye, then followed by a clue. Everyone takes turns guessing until there is a winner or another clue is revealed. The game 20 Questions is going to take up a lot of time, making the trip seem much shorter. 

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How Heat and Cold Hurt Car Batteries

Although you may feel most concerned about your car battery when temperatures plummet below zero, you should know that hot temperatures also affect batteries similarly. Lead-based automotive batteries do not stand up well to extreme temperatures because of the energy that is required of them during very hot and cold temperatures.

Extreme cold causes your vehicle to require more energy from your battery whenever you start your car. Plus, car accessories pull more from the battery than it has to give during these times. In the heat, the electrolytes that are a vital component of the...

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Drive Safe in the Rain with These Helpful Tips!

Now that summer is here, we will likely see more rain, which is why it is vital to be prepared for wet road conditions. You can keep your vehicle prepared by checking the tire pressure, taillights, headlights, and windshield wipers once a month, and you can also use the following tips to keep you safe when it's raining outside.

You shouldn't drive with the cruise control feature on while it is raining. This is because you don't have as much control to properly brake in the rain, as cruise control prevents you from lifting your foot off…

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How to Jump Start Your Car by Using the Battery of Another Car

Here is how you can jump-start your car using the battery of another car.

To make sure the cables reach, bring both cars as close together as possible. Turn off the car after both are in park and then you can open both of the hoods. Get yourself familiar with the positive and negative sides of the jumper cables and both car batteries.

Begin by attaching the red cables to the plus side of the dead and then the good battery. Then put the black cable on minus side of the good battery, placing the remaining black cable on any…

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Late Night Car Breakdown? You'll Appreciate a Roadside Emergency Kit

It's late at night, you're miles away from any town, and you're car breaks down. What do you do? If you have a roadside emergency kit, you'll have a lot more options. Roadside emergency services are becoming more common in newer cars, but if someone gets hurt, or if your vehicle only needs to have a fluid topped off, you might not feel that it's necessary to have someone come out to your car.

Items such as first aid kits will come in handy for small injuries. Antiseptic wipes, bandages, antihistamine, and pain relievers are…

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What is a Front-End Alignment?

Cars travel in a straight line unless other forces, such as a turn of the steering wheel, cause the car to diverge. When the car emerges from the factory, the suspension is aligned to keep the wheels straight and maximize their contact with the road. A change in the suspension alignment for any reason results in the wheels getting out of line and therefore, causing an inefficient contact point between the tires and the road.

A misalignment causes uneven wear on tires causing them to wear out before their time. A process of adjusting the suspension to weigh evenly on…

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